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This is the bit where you’d expect us to use words like EPIC and INSPIRED, and believe me we could. The thing is, our Artists prefer to let their music do the talking.

And their music is speaking volumes.

With syncs with clients like EA Sports, Sky, Channel 4, BBC and Zone Horror in the bag, as well as writing and producing music for V2 Records, Pure-groove, 679, White Heat, Dance to the Radio, Fierce Panda, Nude Records, Universal Island Records and Universal Publishing, our bunch of musical misfits includes former NME darlings, Guardian Album of the Week winners, award-winning immersive Artists, underground UK dance acts and a C-grade Music GCSE holder.

Living at the cutting edge of pop and dance, hidden in the darkest depths of analogue soundscapery, this rabble have no wish to be seen. Only heard.

And once you’ve heard them, you’ll know how your trailer, your film, your TV programme or your game needs their finely crafted aural delight to make it all it can be, to make it…..[all together now]…..EPIC.

Get in touch and let’s talk music…..

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